Content Kettle: The Only eCommerce Marketing Podcast You Need to Tune Into!

ecommerce marketing podcast - Content Kettle by Contensify

If you’re a DTC brand looking for strategies to grow your business online, you’re in the right place.

Content Kettle is an initiative started out by the team at Contensify – a B2B content marketing agency targeted at helping startups and scale-ups build a robust inbound engine for growth.

As we began to scale our agency, we started to work with a number of eCommerce SaaS businesses and that required us to deep dive into the industry and really get talking to merchants to understand their needs, challenges and goals first hand – market research helps, but first-hand conversations and inputs can go a long way!

That’s exactly why we started Content Kettle!

The idea of Content Kettle is to get talking with the Founders of DTC brands across all industries and different sizes, and rope in eCommerce experts worldwide, to share their take on growth.

Each episode is a deep-dive into the eCommerce marketing strategies a brand has implemented for themselves or experimented with in the past. While we keep things flowing like a natural conversation, we assure you that tuning in will always give you a set of takeaways to walkaway with – things that will streamline all your reading and really help you grow with an example to look up to!

So without further ado, if you haven’t already, subscribe to our podcast today.

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