Top Pinterest Marketing Statistics for eCommerce Brands (2024)

top pinterest marketing statistics for ecommerce

In the digital era, social media is the leading marketing channel that eCommerce businesses can leverage. However, many businesses have only restricted their presence to Instagram and Facebook, forgetting completely the impactful role that Pinterest plays in this realm. 

In this blog we will share the most updated Pinterest marketing statistics that show why the social media channel is a must-have in your strategy. 

Pinterest statistics eCommerce businesses should know of for marketing  

Founded in 2010, Pinterest has shown immense growth over the years, becoming one of the most popular image sharing and social media platforms globally. What made the platform grow exponentially was a distinct ‘Pinteresty-vibe’ concept which has inspired people across the world in making design choices for their homes, apparel, and more. 

Although most people associate Pinterest with just this concept, the platform has yielded promising results for eCommerce brands that have utilized it for advertising their products to a wide audience base. The following Pinterest statistics will reveal how beneficial the platform can be for your online store. 

User Statistics

Before learning about business statistics, it is essential for eCommerce firms to understand Pinterest’s user base to identify the potential audience base they can gather from this platform for their products. 

  • Pinterest has over 498 million active monthly users who are spread worldwide.  
  • The global user volume for Pinterest has been increasing at a steady 11% year on year. 
  • Pinterest is the 15th largest social media platform with a global user base. 
  • Roughly 84 million active monthly users that spend time on Pinterest hail from the United States, which is also the largest number of users from one country. 
  • The US boasts over 44% of the total website traffic, while it contributes roughly 29.4% to the total active monthly users of the platform. 
  • However, over 75% of the total user base for the Pinterest platform is based outside of the US. 
  • About 28 million active monthly Pinterest users belong to Brazil, whereas 18 million are from Mexico. 
  • About 29% of the total users are from the Netherlands, and another 26.8% of users come from Belgium. 
  • In 2023, Canada saw a 25.2% increase in the user base growth for Pinterest, and Portugal saw a spike of 22.6%. 
  • The platform is much more popular among females who make up 76% of its total user base. 
  • About 80% of moms use Pinterest. 
  • Males, on the contrary, only make up for 17.6% of the total user base. 
  • The remaining 6.6% of users of Pinterest chose not to specify their gender. 
  • Women between the ages of 16 to 24 make up for 16% of Pinterest’s user base, whereas those between the ages of 25 to 34 make up for 29.1% of its total user base.
  • The Gen-Z population makes up for 42% of Pinterest’s total active monthly users. 
  • Between 27% to 35% of adults in the US use Pinterest actively. 

Usage Statistics

Following user data, Pinterest statistics for marketing based on usage patterns also offers essential pieces of information to help identify key behavior patterns of the users, which can help you tailor marketing strategies. 

  • Pinterest has recorded a 20% decrease in searches for weight loss content, and an increase in the search volume for content curated for plus-sized bodies. 
  • Nails, hairstyles, and dinner ideas are among the top most searched topics on Pinterest within the US. 
  • About 85% of users use the platform to plan new projects, particularly those that require making purchase decisions. 
  • In 2023, a whopping 14.6 million pin boards were created by the users for content related to celebrations. 
  • 70% of the audience base that makes luxury purchases through Pinterest and is interested in that content is under the age of 35. 
  • Diversity and gender inclusive content related searches including topics like queer fashion,  non-binary fashion, self-expression painting, and more have increased to the tune of 415%-550%. 
  • Pinterest website attracts a monthly traffic of over 1.16 billion from across the globe. 
  • Over 82% of the total user base utilizes the Pinterest mobile app than the website. 
  • 63% of the millennials user base on Pinterest uses the platform to find products and services. 
  • About 52% of Pinterest users leverage the platform to enhance their understanding of foods and drinks. 
  • Pinterest users make 1.5 billion pins monthly. The active users collectively have made over 200 billion pins on the platform. 
  • 98% of the US based users of Pinterest go to this platform to find inspiration for their purchase decisions regarding all kinds of apparel, household, or decor products. 
  • Positive Pinterest ads which have a happy vibe perform better and audiences tend to remember them more. 
  • Users are more likely to engage with Pinterest trends which, on average, perform 21% better than trends from other more popular platforms. 
  • Engagement is increased 40% by posting related pins. 
  • Brand content is considered highly useful by about 78% of Pinterest users. 
  • Users engage more with pins with descriptions that are restricted to 100-200 characters. 
  • The fashion category is the most popular top and pin on Pinterest, 
  • 70% users of Pinterest have reported using the platform for discovering products like jewelry, watches and other accessories. 

For eCommerce

In addition to the basic user and usage Pinterest social media marketing statistics, the following business-related numbers will help you gain a deeper understanding of why the platform is a wonderful channel for product marketing. 

  • About 80% of Pinterest users use the platform to find new brands or new products. 
  • Pinterest users are known for saving close to 1.5 billion users every week, which offers tremendous scope for increasing engagement. 
  • About 75% of users who use Pinterest weekly, have noted that they use the platform for shopping. 
  • The Pinterest lens generates over 600 million searches every month. 
  • Pins with a clear CTA attract greater attention and raise engagement rate by 80%. 
  • 96% of all Pinterest searches are unbranded, which means that the audience is looking for products rather than brands all the time. 
  • About 50% of the user base considers Pinterest to be a shopping destination for them. 
  • Pinterest users that are likely to use the platform for shopping end up spending 80% more on Pinterest than on any other social media platform. 
  • From the total millennial user base that Pinterest has attracted, roughly 44% report to have bought products which they found on Pinterest. 
  • Pinterest has recorded a remarkable 50% year-on-year increment in buyable products on its boards. 
  • Noon and night are the best times to post for maximum reach.
  • Home-related content and pins on the platform attract the attention of over 56 million Pinterest users. 
  • Pinterest is known as the number one shopping destination for luxury products, so businesses selling luxury brands or other high-end products can benefit significantly. 
  • For every $1 that a business spends on Pinterest, it ends up making $4.30 on average in sales.
  • The UK has one of the largest Pinterest shoppers population with 61% of the total user base from the region stating that they have used the platform for shopping.
  • For nearly 48% of Pinterest users, shopping on the platform is a primary priority. 
  • 93% of the users of the platform pin products when planning for future purchases. 
  •  Visuals of products like apparel and furniture take priority consideration for about 85% of the users who use the platform to make these purchases. 
  • 61% of Pinterest users get influenced by sponsored posts to make purchases on the platform. 
  • 98% of Pinterest users have shared that they have purchased products which they have found on the platform. 
  • Pinterest users are more likely to make purchases from pins which have a try-on option enabled on them. 
  • A 32% click-through rate increase has been observed for Pinterest ads that use lifestyle images when compared with ads that use stock images. 
  • Advertisers on Pinterest can potentially reach 200,000 million users. 
  • Pinterest directs roughly 33% more traffic to eCommerce websites than other more hyped social media platforms like Facebook. 
  • A 30% increment in the volume of checkouts has been observed by all shops and stores that provide product catalogs and tag all of the products in it. 
  • The Cost per conversion ratio of Pinterest is 2.3 times more effective than for other social media platforms. 
  • Ads on Pinterest attract 11.4 times more prospects as compared to other social media platforms. 


Although Pinterest is widely used, its utilization is often restricted to making pins and adding links. 

But, this platform is much more than just that. It is a wonderful platform for eCommerce businesses to market their products. 

However, it is also essential for businesses to have a thorough plan of action and strategy to ensure its approach attracts audiences as expected. 

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