Top Instagram marketing statistics for eCommerce brands (2024)

top instagram marketing statistics for ecommerce brands

In this golden age of the internet and social media, Instagram has emerged as much more than a socializing medium between friends. It has also established itself as a great platform for advertising products and services. 

Allowing businesses of all scales to post images and videos in various entertaining and informative formats, Instagram has become a haven for eCommerce. In fact, it is now one of the leading marketing platforms for every business that aims to skyrocket. So, if you too are thinking of leveraging its power, here are some instagram marketing statistics to prove why it is ideal for eCommerce marketing.

Instagram Marketing Statistics For Ecommerce Brands 

With the vast scope that Instagram presents, having some idea of its usage and reach statistics can help you understand the magnitude of reach and exposure your business would get by working with content marketing agencies. 

These agencies understand the kind of exposure the business needs, and are experts at creating strategies to invest in the right places, at the right time. The following are some vital instagram statistics which impact eCommerce business: 

  • Number Of Users: Instagram supports over 2 billion monthly users across the world, and over 500 million daily users. This gives you an extremely vast audience pool to market your business to. 
  • Positioning: Instagram presents some interesting statistics when it comes to its popularity and positioning. It is the 3rd biggest social platform globally, 4th most popular website, and 2nd most favorite social media platform. Instagram is also the 10th most searched term on Google search. 
  • User Behaviors: Only about 0.1% of the total number of Instagram users are reported to only on instagram. The other 99.99% use at least one other social media app, most popular being Facebook. 
  • Usage Patterns: Taking daily activity logs of all users, it has been found that globally, about 20.3% of all active internet users use Instagram every day. 
  • Widespread Nature: Taking account of all mobile internet users: which is 5.06 billion, studies have revealed that over 35.7% of them access instagram at least once a month. 
  • Usage Durations: The average time per month users spend on instagram is 12 hours. Gen-Z users have been found to spend about 5 hours on the app every day. 
  • Instagram Lives: These are extremely popular with over 100 million people watching Lives every day. 
  • Audience: Ecommerce businesses ought to know that about 85% of instagram users are younger than 45 years of age. 
  • Bots: As per latest records, it is estimated that about 95 million or 9.5% of user accounts on instagram could be bots. 
  • Log-ins: Of the global instagram user base, about 21% log into instagram every day, while 16% log in less often than that. 
  • APAC Users: Roughly 35% of instagram users are based in the APAC region, and its growing popularity only indicates a potential rise in this statistic. 
  • Biggest User Countries: Among the global users, the most number of users on Instagram hail from India with over 326 million users. This is followed by the US from where 168.6 million users emerge, and Brazil, from where about 132.6 million users come. 
  • User Age: Instagram is highly popular among people between the ages of 16 to 31., with this segment forming 61% of all users. Among them, only 8% are teens. Of these, about 10% use instagram constantly, whereas 50% use instagram once a day. Moreover, about 70% of users are below 34 years of age.
  • Gender ratio: Roughly 48.2% of users of instagram are females, whereas about 51.8% are males. From the US, 56.9% users are female, while only 43.1% are males. 
  • Reels Usage: Reels are very popular among Gen-Z adults, with about 21% of them using reels every week. 
  • Engagement With Posts: The average rate of engagement for instagram posts is only a little over 0.71%. This instagram statistics for marketing reveals that the engagement strategy needs to be robust to reach a wider audience. 
  • Likes: Instagram records over 4.2 billion likes of various posts every day. 
  • Post-Wise Engagement: For images, the engagement rate is 0.59%; for reels, the engagement rate is 1.23%; and for carousel posts, the engagement rate is the highest at 1.26%. 
  • Business Accounts Engagement: For business accounts who have between 10,000 to 100,000 followers, the engagement rate is typically around 0.68%. However, for business accounts with fewer followers than that, the average engagement rate is 0.98%. For businesses with more than 100,000 followers, the engagement rate is 0.57%. 
  • Engagement Through Reels: Accounts with less than 5000 followers record engagement rates of over 3.79%. 
  • Reels Interaction: Compared with images and carousel posts, reels record a 22% higher interaction. About 2.35 billion engage with reels every month. 
  • Hashtags: Hashtags are important for increasing engagement, and instagram posts record an average of 10.7 hashtags being used. 
  • Engagement Rate Comparison: When compared with Facebook, Instagram has recorded over 57% more engagement with users. 
  • Location Tags: When posts are made with location tags, they record 79% more user engagement than posts that do not have location tags. 
  • Days Of Maximum Engagement: Did you know certain days record more footfall on instagram than others? Sunday, for example, is the most rewarding day to post, presenting an average engagement rate of 6.47%. However, it has also been recorded that weekdays like Wednesday record more user engagement as a whole. 
  • Best Time: It has been revealed that the number of users and engagement rates increase at night time, particularly around 8 P.M. 
  • Videos: Video posts on Instagram are known to perform better, offering over 21.2% more engagement rate as compared to photos. In fact, the platform has recorded an 80% increase in time spent for viewing videos. 
  • Photos: When it comes to images, it has been noted that images which have a face in it get 38% more engagement than those that do not. 

With these basic social media marketing statistics understood, businesses need to also know about their competition rate on instagram. Everyone is leveraging this platform for benefiting business, and the competition is continually increasing. Take a look at the following business stats: 

  • Number of Businesses: Given Instagram’s rise as an ecommerce advertising ally, there are over 200 million businesses who are leveraging the platform to promote their products and services. About 98% of fashion industry brands leverage instagram. 
  • Business Promotion: About 80% of social media marketers use instagram to promote business. Moreover, 93% marketers have reported using instagram for acquiring new customers. AMong instagram marketers, around 74% use the platform to extend their reach to their target audience, 46% use the platform with the purpose of increasing sales, and 69% use it to boost brand awareness among the target audience.
  • Followers: Of the gigantic user base of Instagram, about 90% follow at least one business account which they love or which offers products and services that interest them. 
  • Boosting Popularity: Roughly 62% of instagram users have reported to gain interest in certain brands after watching instagram stories from said brand. Moreover, about 87% users report to take action after watching a product or brand post on instagram. Additionally, 81% have reported using instagram even for researching certain products and more than 150 million users use the platform to connect with businesses directly. 
  • Posting Rate: Top performing brands have recorded posting at least 1.56 times per day to enhance the rate of engagement with posts. Many businesses, (about 36%) have also reported benefiting from stories to promote products and services since over 67% users view brand stories. 
  • Influencer Marketing: There has been a noted increase in the number of creators on instagram and their role in marketing. Roughly 68% of users interact with creators every week, and about 61% of users of instagram consider and trust recommendations for brand products and contents which are advertised by influencers. 
  • Business Growth: Business accounts on Instagram from across the world record an average follower growth of about 1.79% every month. 
  • Instagram Ads: Instagram ads are another lucrative avenue, presenting the chance to reach more than 849.3 million users regularly. India, presents the biggest audience base for instagram ads marketing with a 180 million audience base. This is closely followed by the US with a 170 million audience base. 
  • Ad Stories: Instagram ad stories made up about 26.7% of the ad revenue that the platform is able to generate for the year 2023. 


Instagram is a booming platform with its user base increasing more with each passing day, and seems to promise continued growth in the coming years. 

Naturally, it acts as the ideal platform for ecommerce businesses to expand their reach.

However, with its dynamic algorithm and increasing competition, it is essential to stay agile. For this, businesses need to not just keep up with a consistent content posting schedule, but run their brand presence with a comprehensive Instagram marketing strategy. 

This is where Content Kettle comes in. 

With years of experience in working with eCommerce businesses across the globe, our team of social media marketers help you scale Instagram in no time. 

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