The Founder of Moonstruck Shares Tips on Establishing a Fashion Brand in Tough Competition (and Times)

fashion brand marketing tips from moonstruck

The global pandemic had a massive effect on the 2020 e-commerce predictions for the fashion industry.

While offline sales in this industry did notice a significant dent, the digital fashion market on the other hand, did not do as badly. It goes without saying that considerations for safety precautions including social distancing, among so many others, have become paramount. Online shopping is the perfect solution to this prime necessity today.

Fashion is the largest e-commerce sector out there. According to Common Thread, the total eCommerce fashion industry witnessed a 26.5% growth increase. The e-commerce apparel sector alone noticed a 29.6% hike in sales!

In this episode of Content Kettle, we have Shrapi Singhvi, the founder of Moonstruck, to share her story about starting her clothing brand – what it stands for and wants to achieve in the future, and how brands aspiring to build a business in this industry can do the same.

About Moonstruck

Moonstruck is a leading fashion and apparel brand that is bringing unique styles to wardrobes of women across all age groups and different stages of their lives, that can be carried from dawn to dusk easily.

With a firm belief in the fact that clothes represent our unique personalities and styles, Moonstruck comes armed with modern tailoring and masterful finishes to give women outfits that flatter and compliment all shapes and sizes, making them feel empowered and in love with themselves!

Here’s what Sharpi had to share.

Establishing a fashion brand in increased competition

Your customers should be your absolute priority

“(Our) customers are the reason we are here today”, she says.

Having a consumer-centric approach, especially in the fashion industry is crucial. Given that fashion is a medium for self-expression for many, consumers would want a more tailored and personalized experience.

This also helps you win their trust and loyalty.

You need to fully understand that retaining customers is as important as attracting potential customers. Therefore, customer reviews and customer feedback are a big part of your journey.

While these inputs from users also stand as social proof for newer buyers, they also provide you with a window to develop a bond with your existing customers by catering to their specific complaints and/or needs.

At Moonstruck, they even affectionately call all their customers as ‘Moon Pie’, further developing a bond.

Understand that your brand should be “less about what your competitors are doing and more about catering to your customer’s needs”.

Your story is important

Storytelling is the art of convincing your target audience to empty their pockets for your products and services without actually giving them a sales pitch.

You need to persuade your customers to make a purchase by showing them how your product/service is going to be a ‘fulfillment’ to them. This is going to be your selling point. This is what will set you apart from your competitors.

For instance, the story of Moonstruck goes as –

“The right outfit has the power to make a woman feel fearless and bold. We believe that when she walks into a room, with confidence trailing her footsteps, she can conquer anything. This thought of our founders gave birth to Moonstruck, a brand focused on making every woman feel comfortable and beautiful in her skin. When you purchase from Moonstruck, you will not receive just an outfit. What you’ll get is a product of passion and love, designed and curated to add a perfect amalgamation of classy, contemporary, and chic to your wardrobe.”

This story instantly lets customers relate and then connect to the brand, leading to guaranteed conversions!

Your e-commerce fashion store needs a social media presence

It goes without saying that any online store needs traffic to make sales. Social media is a great tool to drive this traffic.

Sharpi says, “At least have one active social media (account)”.

When it comes to fashion, Instagram works as a great platform since it is all about a visual experience.

When asked about strategies for Instagram, here’s what she had to share –

  • Always plan and post relatable content. If you’re unable to connect with your customers, consider a great sales opportunity missed.
  • Be consistent
  • Have a track on trends. However, maintain a healthy balance between trends and what you, as a brand, want to be known for.

Listen more about Sharpi’s experiences on a brand’s necessity to plan finances properly, picking the right team, her two cents worth to budding fashion companies and so much more in this episode here.

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