Ecommerce Marketing Strategies by Palette Bath to Build Brand Awareness Through Collaborations and Offline Events

how to use offline events and collaborations for ecommerce marketing

Learn how to use collaborations and offline events as ecommerce marketing strategies.

Founders of Palette Bath – Rutica Dey and Sahaan Suman believe in establishing the name for their brand through authenticity and good customer experience. What started as something random successfully became a fun, happy, and vibrant artisan skincare brand.

Intrigued by their successful endeavors, we sat down with the founders of Palette Bath to talk more about the ecommerce marketing strategies they adopted to grow their brand. 

About Palette Bath

Palette Bath is a 100% vegetarian, cruelty-free and handcrafted artisan skincare brand. The product is made from thoughtfully procured ingredients, ensuring consumers get the best for their skin. 

“The brand’s goal is to bring luxury cosmetics to the market and make caring for yourself nothing but a cheerful experience.”

Sahaan explained further about the brand, “We have been running the business for almost 5 years. Rutica has a great product and formulation knowledge – making it much easier to understand customers and develop the right products that fit the market need. She is also great at finding those market gaps.”

Now that you have learned about Pallete Bath and what it’s about, let’s look into the strategies the founders used to grow their brand. 

Build a better brand with eEcCommerce marketing tips from Pallette Bath

Brand authenticity

Rutica and Sahaan wanted to create something that was different from others. Not following the footpath of other top brands, they worked towards creating their own identity.

They further stated, “Nas, Bodyshop, and other big brands, like Forest Essentials, have a vast difference in how they work in the market. Our biggest goal is that we don’t want to be a utility-based company but rather something happy. We wanted to be a fun, natural brand. Everything is handmade and made in-house. We hired a few women to help us with the manufacturing process too.”

Build awareness through attending events

Attending offline events is not something that new e-commerce founders think of doing. But it’s a great form of marketing strategy that provides a lot of knowledge of current market trends, informs you of what others are doing, and provides an opportunity to build awareness around your brand. 

  • Provides a lot of insight: Scrolling through social media and reading news can only give limited knowledge. Attending industry-related events both online and offline makes you aware of what’s happening in the industry, provides networking opportunities, and also gives you ideas for your next campaign.
  • Helps with market research: Participating in events also brings you closer to your target audience. You can talk with them, ask them questions, get their feedback, and learn their pain points, which you can share with your team to improve your product and marketing efforts.

Collaborating with different brands

Working together with different brands in your niche provides large access to your target audience. You can develop different marketing strategies to promote your brand, raise awareness, and increase your customer base. 

Since the beginning, Palette bath has collaborated with various brands – House of Plush – to develop marketing campaigns that interest both sets of audiences. This resulted in increased followers, regular customers, and a more engaged audience. 

ecommerce marketing strategies by palette bath

Whatever marketing strategies you use, the aim is that it should reach the right target audience. Rutica and Sahaan further shed some light on what they do to target the right customers. 

  • Working organically
  • Automation flows – sending welcome emails, thank you emails, etc.
  • Making customer experience seamless
  • Offer good quality products. 

Sahaan emphasizes the fact of keeping your focus on increasing LTV.  “Do such a good job that your one-time customers become repeat customers, and return to bring more business to you.” 

  • Automated flows for emailsKlaviyo is a great tool to help with the process
  • Dynamic ads or retargeting ads – provide more advanced targeting opportunities
  • Add a personal touch on every touchpoint – make sure every customer is heard

More marketing tips for ecommerce founders

  • Don’t overcomplicate stuff. Start with a platform where a third party could be a developer. The website should be straightforward and seamless – Shopify is a good starting point. 
  • Add high-quality images. Hire a professional photographer to help you out. Or work with a freelancer or someone who is good at taking pictures.
  • Focus on creating a good ad strategy. Don’t spend too much on ads. 
  • Collaborate with other people. Others can fill the gap through their knowledge and experience. 

Want more tips on brand authenticity, collaboration, and content quality to help grow your brand? Listen to the full episode here: 

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